SSD vs HDD Which One is Better

8 times faster than HDD Slow
Better battery management than HDD No battery management
Expensive Cheaper
Recommended Not recommended


Both SSD and HDD are used to store data on laptops. They come in various storage capacities, with the following being the industry standard:

SSD – 128 GB / 240 GB / 500 GB/ 1 TB

HDD – 320 GB / 500 GB / 1 TB

SSD is more costly than HDD. This is the only thing that holds most people back from choosing SSD over HDD. However, this price gap is closing. And the little extra money will save you much more valuable time.

On average, you can expect the SSD to be eight times faster than HDD. SSD makes the laptop booting very fast and enables you to perform more tasks simultaneously without a lag.

Also, SSD consumes less power, thus improving the battery life of the laptops.

In recent years, we have seen a massive rise in the popularity of SSDs. This has been driven by the fact that they are much faster than traditional hard disk drives (HDD). As a result, they can be found on laptops and desktop computers.

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EazyPC refurbished laptop experts always recommend SSD on second hand laptops. SSD enables a smoother and better user experience. This will enable you to perform your desired tasks without any lag.

128 GB :   This is the smallest disk space in SSD and the cheapest also. You get roughly 90 GB of free storage space after installing essential softwares such as Windows OS and MS office. Choose this option if your storage requirement is little or your budget is tight.

256 GB:  This is the most popular storage space in SSD. You get roughly 200 GB of free storage space after installing essential software such as Windows OS and MS office.

512 GB / 1 TB:  Go for either of these options only if the storage space is make or break deal. Since SSD cost here increases a lot.

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