About Us

Eazypc Technology is a Refurbished IT equipment startup. We have our retail outlet in Noida, the premier Tech city of India.  Our Corporate Office is located in South Delhi. Eazypc is a leading and trusted refurbisher of renowned brands in of Laptops, Monitors, Computer Accessories and Desktops.

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What does Eazypc stands for ?

In Italian Ciclo stands for cycle. In the life cycle of a products, refurbishment is the natural next step, when an asset is being transferred from one owner to the other. In this spirit we decided to name our startup as Eazypc, as we are the next cog in the cycle after the manufacturer.

How does it work ?

We buy laptops and IT equipment from leading corporates. These IT equipment are changed by them for various reasons, such as Company policy. Upgradation of hardware requirement for processing latest software Newer design and processor.

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Why should you buy Eazypc refurbished laptops ?

Quality: Good quality laptops that get your work done and more Price point: It is our endeavor to digitally enable society, for this to happen cost of digital equipment has to reduce and be within the reach of everyone. Warranty: We provide a standard 6 months warranty on all laptops. It is not just any other laptop. It is a premium Eazypc refurbished laptop

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Our refurbished laptops stand for premium looks, the best in industry warranty of 6 months, after-sales support, and earth-shattering low prices. In addition, we draw our clients from various business segments which enable us to understand specialized market requirements.